Bolden Simms

LINEAGE OF:  Father of Anna Bell Simms Phillips    
SON: Bolden Simms    
DOB: 18- – DOD:   Early 19–
SPOUSE: Mary Ellen Simms    
DOB: 18 – – DOD:  19 – –
Daughter / Son of:      

Grandfather Bolden Simms was perhaps born in or near York County South Carolina in as much as that is the area in which he was known to have lived.

      Grandfather Simms was very dear to the family of William Hurbert and Anna Bell Phillips. He was an admirable member of this family line. The children of this family looked forward to Grandfather Simms' visits in that he was a very loveable character and always came bringing gifts. 
Bolden and Mary Ellen had 3 daughters, and 2 sons.

IMAGES:  Bolden Simms    
SON(s):             Mack Simms, and Jerdon Simms    
DAUGHTER(s) Anna Bell Simms Phillips, Jane Simms, and Mary Ellen Simms