John L. Phillips

LINEAGE OF: Collis Hurbert and Jessie Cherry Phillips
SON: John L. Phillips
DOB: 1936 DOD: Present
SPOUSE: Celia Turner Phillips
DOB: 1936 DOD: Present
Daughter / Son of: Sam and Maud Turner
HISTORICAL STATEMENT:   John L was born in Shelby, North Carolina and grew up in that area.  He met and married Celia Turner. They later moved to the state of New York.  During many of their adult years they lived in the areas of Cambria Heights, NY and Long Island, NY. Their life style has been one of city dwelling and commercial employment. John is a successful Custodial Maintenance Supervisor and a Machine Mechanic.  Celia has enjoyed two years of study in cooking, baking and beauty school. John and Celia currently live in Copiague, New York. Born to John and Celia was one daughter. They have one grandson: Erik J. Friday
DAUGHTER(s)  Mary J. Friday
MILESTONE(s): Supervisor, Beautitian, Chef