Mack Phillips

LINEAGE OF: Benjamin and Jennie Phillips
SON: Mack Phillips
DOB: 1856 DOD: 1929
SPOUSE: Susie Watkins Phillips
DOB: 1874 DOD: 1942
Daughter / Son of:
HISTORICAL STATEMENT: Mack was born near Gaffney, South Carolina and grew up in that area. Out of a family of twenty children born to Mack and Susie there is one daughter currently living near Gaffney, South Carolina, Susie Phillips.
Born to Mack were 20 children:
SON(s): Robert, Thomas, Broadus, Ess, Mason, James, Charlie, Ezell, Willard, Fred, and Rosco.
DAUGHTER(s) Dessie, Geneva, Grace, Susie, Louise, Weneva, Eugene, Victory, and Gladys.
MILESTONE(s): Born and raised the largest family of 20 children.