Benjamin Phillips Born About 1800 Lived to 115 years
William Hurbert Phillips Born 1875 Purchased first Surrey
Owned 96 Acres of land
Rosmond Phillips Born 1870 Ordained Baptist Minister
Moderator for Baptist Association
Neely Phillips Brabham Born 1903  Employed by US Goverment
Louise J. Phillips Wilson Born 1906 Seamstress
Verdia Phillips Lewis Born 1909  Seamstress
George Phillips Born 1918  Deacon
Senora Phillips Culbreath Born 1920  Deaconess
Margaret Lee Phillips Mitchell Born 1922  High School Diploma
Attended Nursing School
Melvin Phillips Jr. Born ??  Football Hall of Fame
John L. Phillips Born 1936  Custodial Supervisor
George W. Phillips Born 1938  AAS Science Degree (Medicine)
William Edward Phillips Born 1943  Carpenter
Band Leader
Terry Edward Phillips   Basketball Scholarship
Shanda Phillips   AAS Business Administration
Saundra Phillips   Modeling Grant
Lawrence Victor Phillips Born ??  Singer
James Clyde Phillips Born ??  Singer (recorded album)